WATCH: CCTV footage shows gunman during Resorts World incident

A day after the tragic incident, the management of Resorts World Manila management released the security camera video showing how the gunman went on a shooting spree and torched the casino area.

CNN reported that 38 people, including the gunman, were killed in the incident.

Terror? Yes.

Terrorist? Doesn’t look like it as some claim.

Impossible he was alone? Looks like he was.

Video showed the man did not open-fire on anyone using his rifle. The sad, fatal casualties were off the fire that spread from the tables he lit up.

A terrorist would kill, behead, take hostage, bomb to bring a message to the people.

On contrast, this man, out of his right mind, came in the front of the casino, fired shots in the air (not at people), set tables on fire, stole millions worth of chips, then in desperation of being wounded and unable to complete his escape, killed himself.

Do you think he was a terrorist after watching the video?

Please click the url link below to watch the video:

SOURCE: CNN Philippines


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