Hot 5 handsome pairs! Top showbiz dad hunks and their good-looking sons 

Want to find out these 5 hot dads and their  debonaire sons in the Philippine entertainment industry?

KAMI and Random Republika came out with this list of top 5 celebrity dad hunks and their good-looking sons.

1. Aga Muhlach and son

The heartthrob of the 80s and his equally handsome offspring, his second son, Andrés Muhlach.

2. Zoren Legaspi and son

images (6)

Encantandia’s Emre, Zoren Legaspi and his cute youngster, Maverick Muñiz Legaspi.

3. Rommel Padilla and son

images (7)

The action star of the 90s, Rommel Padilla and the young superstar of today’s generation, Daniel Padilla.

4. Piolo Pascual and son


The Ultimate Leading Man and the Box-Office King, Piolo Pascual & the new heartthrob of today, Iñigo Dominic Lazaro Pascual.

5. Ian Veneracion and son

images (8)

The 80s icon from That’s Entertainment to good looking Star Magic artist, and his equally gorgeous son, Tristan Draco Veneracion.

SOURCES: KAMI, Random Republika


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