TO THE RESCUE: Pia Wurtzbach’s sister replies back to accusations posted on Facebook by dad’s second family

The imbroglio involving Pia Wurtzbach and her late father’s second family continue to heat up with the exchange of accusations being posted on social media after her life story was featured in ABC-CBN’s longest-running drama anthology, Maalaala Mo Kaya last Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Sarah comes to the defense of her sister Pia, after she was called out by their late father’s partner Robie Asingua and son Alexander for being a ‘liar.


Why Pia ended up being accused as LIAR?

The story focuses on how Pia strives hard in her own showbiz and beauty queen career before getting her hands on her dream crown.

A bit of Pia’s family background was highlighted in the said drama series where his father, Klaus-Uwe Wrtzbach was portrayed as a womanizer who left Pia and her mom for another woman. In the latter part of the story, it was also seen that his father asked money from her after finishing as a runner-up in Bb. Pilipinas in 2013.

Because of this negative portrayal, Pia’s half-brother, Alexander Wurtzbach took to social media to express his anger and accused Pia for being a liar for telling the wrong story in the said series and said she should stop using their father’s name.

“Sa lahat-lahat, ayaw ko yung sisiraan mo ang patay na wala nang kinalaman ‘yun eh. Karamahin sana kayo, parang walang pinag-aralan. Wag mung dadalahin ang apelyedo na ‘yan kung alam mo ganiyan ugali ng tatay mo. ‘Kala ko ba babaero siya at wala siyang kwenta. Bakit mahal mo pa rin siya? You’re a freaking liar, don’t use my father’s surname if you don’t like him, you’re a millionaire now, so change it! Don’t say your money will help you. You are a liar!!!”

(Of all the things that I don’t like, it’s destroying the reputation of someone who’s dead and has nothing to do with anything anymore. I hope you’ll get karma, it’s as if you are uneducated. Don’t carry his name if you know that’s the kind of attitude your father had. I thought he was a womanizer and not worth anything. Why do you still love him? You’re a freaking liar, don’t use my father’s surname if you don’t like him, you’re a millionaire now, so change it! Don’t say your money will help you. You are a liar!!!)

Meanwhile, his father’s second wife, Robie Asingua also came in rescue and revealed her late father’s side of the story.

“What a hell are you doing Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, making a false story? Oh yeah, you are a big liar. Your papa never asked for money from you, shame on yourself. Your mama had an affair with [a] neighbor named Jojo, that’s why papa abandoned your mother and you.”

Both Alexander and Robie emphasized that Mr. Wurtzback didn’t asked for a single centavo from Pia when he was sick until he passed away in 2015.

Both Robie and Alexander drew flak for their statements, with some social media users saying they were looking for attention. Others said that they should just support Pia.

Alexander later posted this message: “Last post sa lahat, bago kayo mag salita siguraduhin niyong totoo. Kaalaman sa lahat may unang asawa ang nanay ni Pia at si Sarah ay hindi niya kapatid, kaya mag dahan-dahan kayo mag-salita mga bashers, porke’t ‘di niyo alam istorya ng buhay namin, ganiyan kayo. Last post!”

(Last post for everyone, before you speak, make sure it’s true. Everyone knows that Pia’s mom had a first husband and Sarah is not her [full] sister. That’s why bashers, be careful with what you say. Just because you don’t know our story, you’re being that way.)

In the comments of Alexander’s first post, Sarah warned Alexander about what he was saying.

“Baka gusto mong kalkalin ko yung mga message niyo ng nanay mo sa amin. Baka mapahiya ka. Tigil na kasi, ayan na, fame oh! EMBRACE IT!” she said.

(You might want me to dig up the messages you and your mother sent to us. You might just get embarassed. Stop it, there it is, fame! Embrace it!)
Meanwhile, Sarah answered a question as to whether she plans to gather evidence against Robie and Alexander.

She said, along with laughing emojis, “Mamshie hinahakot ko. Naghahanap na. May baril ako pero walang bala e.”


(Mamshie, I’m compiling and looking. I have a gun but I don’t have bullets.)


Pia has yet to issue a statement on the allegation of inaccurate portrayal of her late father.



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