Ricky Lo’s rejoinder to his ‘Bimby no-show at MJ’s party” write-up

Philippine Star entertainment columnist Ricky Lo has issued a rejoinder today concerning his August 15 write-up with a headline “Bimby no-show at MJ’s party.”

In his column today, Ricky said that he didn’t know that the story on Bimby “would stir the proverbial hornet’s nest.”

Ricky’s rejoinder was in response to Kris Aquino’s Instagram post calling him out for writing an ‘unverified story’ about her son Bimby.

It all stemmed from Ricky’s Funfare column, where he wrote that the absence of Bimby during the birthday party of his half-brother MJ, James Yap’s son, Bimby’s father, with his current partner, Michaela Cozzola.

The said article infuriated Kris as she vented out on social media saying that the article was foul and uncalled for as it involved two children.

“It’s a totally different story when kids are involved,” Kris wrote on Instagram.

“Why make a “drama” of the relationship between two brothers when one of them is barely a toddler and their mothers are okay and in regular communication?”

The TV host/actress said that maybe it’s time for Ricky to review Republic Act 7610, which deals with the protection of children.

The entertainment editor responded with this:

“A word for Kris and other showbiz denizens who can’t help decorating the social media with posts of their children. Before Kris and other soc-med savvy moms scold people and remind them to please spare the innocents, they should be the first to spare their children by keeping them away from the social media. Otherwise, they themselves are (maybe unwittingly) putting their children in, well, “harm’s way.”

Ricky also narrated that a text message from Mic also greeted him yesterday morning.

“After a perfunctory “thank you,” Mic proceeded to deliver quite a mouthful that I refused to swallow with my first morning cup of green tea. Mic described the story as “not nice,” Ricky shared in his column.

Further, he claimed Mic even threatened to burn her copy of The STAR.

“I told her that it was her prerogative to do whatever she wanted to as long as she paid for her copy,” Rcky’s response to Mic.

He also shared another text message coming from Mic:

“I told the (coordinator) to cross out Bimby’s name from the list because Kris and I have already agreed beforehand that the kids would be meeting in private…” adding, “I don’t want to create issues where everybody is OK already.”

“Had Mic informed me about her and Kris’ “secret agreement,” yesterday’s story would have been different,” Ricky explained.

In the August 15 article, Ricky quoted the events organizer saying that Bimby “confirmed” he was coming to the party.

Kris, however, said that Ricky could have reached out to her instead of getting information from an event coordinator.

(Photos screengrab from Twitter and Instagram)


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